Buffalo Cauliflower Wings (Vegan|Gluten Free)

Buffalo Cauliflower Wings (Vegan|Gluten Free)

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One of my most popular posts on Instagram was of these vegan buffalo cauliflower “wings”. Buffalo cauliflower has been trending for awhile, and I can definitely see why!

Although raw cauliflower by itself isn’t everyone’s favorite vegetable, I absolutely love it because of its versatility. It doesn’t have a whole lot of flavor on its own, so you can form it into so many other things and incorporate it in a bunch of creative recipes.

These cauliflower wings are a perfect appetizer for a party, or a great snack or side. The ingredients required are simple, and prep time is minimal.

Start by preheating your oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, wash and chop a large head of cauliflower into wing sized pieces. *Time saver tip: you can purchase a bag of frozen cauliflower as it is already washed and cut for you.

buffalo cauliflower wings

In a separate bowl, combine the flour, garlic powder, paprika, salt, pepper, and almond milk. Dip each cauliflower wing in the mixture and fully cover it in the sauce. The more sauce is on each cauliflower wing, the crunchier and crispier they will be once they are cooked.

Place your wings on a baking sheet lined with aluminum foil or parchment paper. Bake them for 20 minutes. In the meantime, pour about 3/4- 1 cup of buffalo sauce in a bowl. Once it has been 20 minutes, take the cauliflower out of the oven and let them sit for just a couple minutes, so they cool off. This is because you will be touching them, and you don’t want to burn yourself.

After they have cooled off for a bit, take each wing and dip it to cover it fully in buffalo sauce. Place it back on the baking sheet. Feel free to add a dollop of the buffalo sauce you have left over on top of each wing. Place the wings back in the oven and bake for another 20 minutes.

These vegan buffalo cauliflower wings are delicious by themselves, but EVEN better with some vegan ranch 🙂

Vegan Buffalo Cauliflower “Wings”

Healthy cauliflower version of traditional buffalo wings.
Prep Time30 mins
Cook Time40 mins
Total Time1 hr 10 mins
Course: Appetizer
Cuisine: American
Keyword: vegan cauliflower buffalo wings


  • 12 oz cauliflower
  • 3/4 cup whole wheat flour use GF if needed
  • 2 tsp garlic powder
  • 1 tsp paprika
  • 1/2 tsp pepper
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 cup plant milk
  • buffalo sauce


  • Start by cutting up your cauliflower into wing sized pieces.
  • In a bowl, mix your flour, garlic powder, paprika, salt, pepper & plant milk.
  • Dip each cauliflower into the mixture and place it on a baking sheet.
  • Bake at 450 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes.
  • After 20 minutes, take the wings out.
  • Give the wings a couple minutes to cool off, so that you don’t burn yourself.
  • Then dip each wing into buffalo sauce.
  • Place the wings back on the baking sheet and bake for another 20 minutes.
  • *Tip- they taste even more amazing if you serve them with some vegan ranch.

For more cauliflower creations, try this cauliflower spinach smoothie!

buffalo cauliflower wings
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vegan buffalo cauliflower- veggie world recipes
vegan buffalo cauliflower- veggie world recipes
vegan buffalo cauliflower- veggie world recipes
vegan buffalo cauliflower- veggie world recipes
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