Chocolate Mochi

Ingredients  sweet rice flour sugar cacao powder cornstarch non-dairy milk vanilla dairy-free chocolate ice cream

Start by scooping out 9 balls of ice cream. Place on a baking sheet, or in muffin liners, and put them in the freezer.


In a bowl, combine the sweet rice flour, sugar, cacao, and milk. Mix them well.


Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and poke some holes into it. Microwave the dough for 1 minute in the microwave.


Mix the dough, then cover again and microwave for another minute. Repeat this three times in total. Place dough in freezer to chill.


After the dough has chilled, generously flour surface with cornstarch. Place the dough and add more cornstarch on top.


Flatten out the dough. Divide into 9 equal-sized squares.


Take out ice cream scoops. Place ice cream scoop in the middle of the dough ball and gently wrap the ice cream inside until it is fully enclosed.


Repeat for each mochi ball and immediately put them in the freezer once you make each one.


Freeze for at least 30 minutes and enjoy!


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